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Version 0.2.0b2 is now available

Version 0.2.0b2 is now available

Kurt Griffiths
2014-12-29 @ 19:09
Hi all,

0.2.0b2 was just released. You may install it by using the --pre
flag with pip. See also:

Changes since the first beta include:

* Fix typos in falcon.API docstring re middleware.
* Fix Range header not checking for a "bytes=" prefix.
* Removed redundant call to str.upper in function used
  by the create_environ method.
* Add support for returning bodies when raising 
  HTTPNotFound or HTTPMethodNotAllowed.
* Move responder lookup so that it occurs after all
  the process_request middleware methods have been
  called, so that middleware components may influence
  routing by changing the request URI or HTTP method.
* Add HTTPRequestEntityTooLarge error.
* Fix HTTPServiceUnavailable not correctly parsing a
  datetime when passed as the value for retry_after.

Thanks everyone who has helped test 0.2 so far, and an extra special 
thanks to all of you who contributed patches toward this release!

Please take this second beta for a spin and let me know if you run
into any bugs. I would like to publish a release candidate soon. It
will include final documentation updates for 0.2, and of course
fixes for any bugs you report.