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[ANN] Emacs Berlin meetup #2 30.04.2014

[ANN] Emacs Berlin meetup #2 30.04.2014

Andreas Tiefenthaler
2014-04-29 @ 07:24

Hey the next meetup will take place tomorrow Wed 30.04.2014 beginning at 19:00.
It will be at the[1] office:

Ritterstr. 12-14
10969 Berlin

Take the shiny outside elevator up to the floor and enter the
office trough the door on your left.

We will provide some beer and mate for you. We have place for at least
10 people so bring interested people(also non emacs users are invited).

I opened a GitHub[2] issue with potential ideas/topics to talk
about. Please contribute!

See you tomorrow then.


PS: Spread the word