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Efene is back and needs your help!

Efene is back and needs your help!

Mariano Guerra
2015-03-29 @ 21:22

for the last months I've been working on my free time on rebooting
efene and now it's on a state that I can share with early adopters to
get some help towards a public release.

what's already there:

* a full compiler with support for all the erlang syntax that I can think of

  + see
  + see the draft language reference (incomplete)
* almost complete pretty printer
* domain and initial site with basic documentation using
* efene github community:
* skeleton for a blog using nikola[1], no content yet:
* basic rebar3 plugins for compile and common test:
* help needed page:
* basic quickstart:

what's missing:

* everything listed on the help needed page and more
* users!
* people trying it and finding problems

announcement for people reading this on librelist:

* we are moving to google groups since I had many problems in the
recent past with other librelist mailing lists, the new group is here
please join:

please let me know what you think and if you are interested on helping
just post on google groups or talk to me at twitter @warianoguerra