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[ANN] efene programming language 0.2 released

[ANN] efene programming language 0.2 released

Mariano Guerra
2010-03-08 @ 12:04
second release of efene.

efene is a programming language that runs on the erlang virtual machine.

the idea is to provide an alternative syntax to erlang that is most
suitable for people coming from languages like Java, C, C++, C#,

the language is almost 100% compatible with erlang (and will be), the
compiler allows to translate an efene source file into a readable
erlang one or compile it directly to bytecode. It also adds some
syntactic sugar in some places to make some tasks easier.


   * commas and parenthesis made optional on almost all places.
   * the parser is now less generic, avoid expressions that are
syntactically correct but that won’t compile or will be a runtime
   * guards added to case and receive expressions.
   * support for the $ operator added, returns the integer value of a char.
   * for and in are now keywords.
   * now atoms can be written with ’ (like ‘Atom’ ‘@tom’).
   * support to assign an argument that is pattern matched to a variable.
   * support to pass a function expressing its [module,] name and arity
   * parameters of record objects simplified, added constructor from record .
   * non short circuit versions of ‘and’ and ‘or’ added.
   * added the arrow operator (see examples/arrow.fn).
   * module and function can be a variable in calls and arrow expressions.
   * fixed operator precedence on binary operations

for a reference see the language reference:


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