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Anyone in the market for a netbook?

Anyone in the market for a netbook?

Matt Dawson
2010-09-01 @ 21:01
Hey #cville gang -

First, my apologies for spamming the list with solicitations - but in
this case I genuinely wanted my hacker buds to get first dibs.

I'm parting with my HP Mini 1030nr.

If I can find a buyer before I list on Craig's List, the price is $100.

I've upgraded from the stock 1gb to 2gb, and it's got a 6 hour battery
upgraded from the 3 hour battery, which you'd also get. I'm also
including the HP sleeve I bought for it. I'm currently running Ubuntu
Lucid, and networking, sleep, etc. all work great. I even had OSX
working on it at one point. It's pretty hackable.

The machine's in great shape, save for a few dust particles and a
smudge behind the screen cover, with a few hairline scratches on the

Let me know if you're interested. And I promise not to do dirty the
list with too many more of these!