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Ron DuPlain
2010-01-26 @ 14:40
Looking for httpd opinions and any perspective on WSGI with nginx as a frontend.

I'm about to start a fresh slice on, and I'm thinking
about which httpd to use.  I've used:

 * Apache httpd -
 * lighttpd -
 * nginx -

I'm interested in:

 * simple virtual hosts (easiest on lighttpd, imo)
 * small ruby on rails apps (Apache or nginx, not sure about lighty)
 * small python apps, incl. trac (wsgi preferred)
 * http proxy (easiest on nginx, imo)

My preference is with nginx since it is performant and proxying is
*really easy.*  Simple virtual hosts are fairly straightforward in
nginx, and mod_rails is available for Apache and nginx.  mod_wsgi
seems to have some issues on nginx.

Would it be crazy for me to host nginx on port 80 with proxy to
Apache+mod_wsgi on port 8080?  At that point it seems as though I
should just invest some time in Apache config, fine tune memory usage,
and just use Apache.


PS - When I pick up more server space, I'll gladly offer free trac
hosting etc to local friendly devs.