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Donald Stufft
2012-07-02 @ 07:50
Welcome to the Crate mailing list. 

This will be used as a venue to discuss various ideas to improve the Python
packaging ecosystem. From the index to installers to formats and everything
in between. A lot of the work done here will be prototypes and experiments
that will hopefully be usable and useful to the greater Python community.

As of right now there is which is backed by crate.web and crate.pypi.
Their are a lot of issues with the packages mostly stemming from being
monolithic and growing organically as I learned how to safely interact
with PyPI. This is currently being refactored into a set of distributed
services with smaller focuses.

    This is the first service being split out of the site, this will be
a generic Python package index with no web ui. It will consist soley of
a number of API's which will be used to store and retrieve package meta-data
and the packages themselves.

Unnamed PyPI Sync-er
    This will be the second service split out of the site, it will be
a daemon that either polls or uses the pubhubsub API to monitor PyPI
for a new package, and when found publish it to a Warehouse instance
via the APIs.

Unnamed Web UI
    This will be the third service split out of the site, it will be
a simple frontend to the Warehouse API's that offer a clean interface
to all the data found inside of Warehouse.

After these projects are done they will replace what is currently running

Future Projects:
    Prototype package installer using Warehouse API.