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new version 0.2.21

new version 0.2.21

Alexander Lang
2010-01-13 @ 11:03
i just released version 0.2.21, changes include but are not limited to:

* automatically set a database instance on results of 
CouchPotato::Database#view (langalex)
* improved auto loading of unloaded constants - can now load constants 
that have never been loaded before (langalex)
* raise exception on invalid parameters passed to a couchdb view query (langalex)
* when querying a view: pass in ranges as key instead of startkey/endkey, 
pass in plain value instead of hash with key (langalex) 

i also added some more documentation, esp. here:

for details see the latest commits 
( and the rdocs 

planned up next:
* logging
* exception handling, e.g. when a 409 conflict occurs on save
* confirm to rails3 activemodel