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how to preserve / recover old history

how to preserve / recover old history

Silvio Levy
2015-10-15 @ 08:19
I browse Conkeror's history by dumping places.sqlite to a flat file,
using a little mysql script. I've been doing this for years and it is
my recollection that initially the file just grew and grew, so I could
consult bookmarks from 2 years before and more. But for the last
several months I've notice that each time I dump places.sqlite, the
earliest entries have been dropped. On October 6 the earliest entry
was from 2014-04-20, and today it's from 2014-04-26.

Is there a way I can tell Conkeror not to erase old entries from

(Note: it's not a matter of having changed profiles or starting a new
places.sqlite. There were 167k entries on Oct 6, and there are about
as many today; it's just that, as new ones got added, it seems like
the oldest ones are getting dropped.