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bitmap fonts in conkeror? (on debian jessie)

bitmap fonts in conkeror? (on debian jessie)

Andreas Reuleaux
2015-01-27 @ 13:53
I am new to conkeror, so please bear with.

In firefox I prefer bitmap fonts like Times,
for I find them less washy/blurred than the
antialiased alternatives (of course: YMMV,
and I am aware that lots of people find them ugly).

ie. I have a link 70-yes-bitmaps.conf
in my /etc/fonts/conf.d, and can thus choose Times
for my serif fonts, which results in

session_pref("", "Times");

This very entry, howevers seems not to be respected
in conkeror, for whatever reason ? Is it possible
nevertheless to choose bitmap fonts, how?

Thanks in advance,