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Fwd: Unable to clear cache (NS_ERROR_NOT_IMPLEMENTED)

Fwd: Unable to clear cache (NS_ERROR_NOT_IMPLEMENTED)

Owen Mays
2014-12-21 @ 03:02
Hi all,

When my router loses DSL signal, it redirects me from whatever page I'm
trying to access (e.g. redirects to This redirect page shows the status of my DSL

The problem is when the network comes back up, that page is still stored in
conkeror's cache somehow, so if I try to get to I get
redirected and get a 403 forbidden error. In the past I would clear the
cache as follows:

M-: cache_clear(CACHE_ALL)

But lately I have been getting an error when I try that. My modeline says:

call interactively: [Exception..."Component returned failure code:
0x80004001 (NS_ERROR_NOT_IMPLEMENTED) [nslCacheService.evic...

That's as much as will fit on my screen. I have conkeror installed through
the arch linux AUR, and I'm not sure that package is entirely up to date.
conkeror --version says "1.0pre1"

Any ideas what's going on?