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more keymap stuff: C-i and richedit

more keymap stuff: C-i and richedit

2014-12-17 @ 11:15
I find the external editor feature of Conkeror invaluable. Nowadays
richedit fields are ubiquitous; in that context, C-i, instead of
invoking edit-current-field-in-external-editor, does something puerile
(switch to italics) . 

In imitation of modules/bindings/default/content-buffer/text.js, 
I placed this command in my .conkerorrc :

define_key(content_buffer_richedit_keymap, "C-i", 

It turns out to have no effect. Thinking that perhaps the binding in
.conkerorrc gets overridden later, I tried evaluating the define_key
command at the time I want to use C-i. Still no effect.

However, if I invoke edit-current-field-in-external-editor via M-x it
works. And if I bind this command to C-j with the analogous define_key
command, it works.

I can live with C-j, but I would prefer C-i for uniformity, and in any
case I'm curious to learn why the define_key command gets ignored in
this case.


Silvio Levy