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C-x k scrolls instead of killing buffer

C-x k scrolls instead of killing buffer

Owen Mays
2014-01-08 @ 19:40
Hi all,

This seems similar to an earlier question about conkeror passing keystrokes
to webpages and blocking twitter users:

If I'm on facebook or google news and I type C-x k to kill the buffer it
instead scrolls up, which is the shortcut these sites use for the "k" key.
I tried the code snipped shown in the link above, and it doesn't appear to
do anything. I set the domains like this:

key_kill_mode.test.push(build_url_regexp($domain = "facebook"));
key_kill_mode.test.push(build_url_regexp($domain = ""));

I also tried the procedure listed on the key-kill page in the wiki with no
luck. It seems like it's being ignored:

Any suggestions on other things to try?



Re: [conkeror] C-x k scrolls instead of killing buffer

Joren Van Onder
2014-01-19 @ 19:50
I've been noticing similar problems when using GitHub and
Twitter. GitHub used to work fine when using:

key_kill_mode.test.push(build_url_regexp($domain = "github"));

Lately this has stopped working. With key_kill_mode active all keys stop
working. Without key_kill_mode only some of the keys don't work (like

Could be a change in xulrunner or the GitHub js maybe? I have similar
problems when using Twitter, but as far as I know they've only recently
implemented keyboard shortcuts so this could be a different problem.