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refactor completers

refactor completers

John J. Foerch
2013-12-23 @ 03:08
Hi all,

We're a step closer to merging refactor-completers.  I decided to leave
out read-url-kill-item for the time being because I am exploring a better
implementation of that, but it may need some changes lower down in how the
minibuffer works, so that is now its own project.

For the rest of refactor-completers, I created a squash commit with a
fully detailed commit message explaining everything that is being changed,
and put that in a branch called refactor-completers-prep.  So anybody who
wants to review refactor-completers before it gets merged, please check
out that branch.

I would like to add some more unit tests to thoroughly sanity-check the
completions system, and cover corner cases and such, so if anybody is game
for helping with that, I'd be grateful.

Thanks & happy holidays.

John Foerch