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Progress - websocket server supports the multichannel changes

Progress - websocket server supports the multichannel changes

Josh Adams
2013-09-09 @ 01:04
So I took some time tonight and got the websocket server to support the
channel/server separation that Nathan landed, so you can once again on
master join the chat.  Right now it auto-joins a 'boss' channel and
connects to the server as 'knewter'.

The first next step is going to be to support a chrome settings page for
the extension, and that'll be where you set up your username.

After that, it should join and part channels on your behalf as you connect
to different domains.  That'll require a background page to be running.
 Not sure how that'll function 100% just yet.

Anyway, I'm going to convert the chrome extension to use foundation and
angular now.  Hope to make it slightly attractive, and maybe I can use it
to discuss angular at tomorrow night's bhamjs meetup.

*Josh Adams*
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