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Fwd: Is central teaching important?

Fwd: Is central teaching important?

Caitlin Perucki
2012-04-25 @ 03:35
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From: Caitlin Perucki <>
Date: Tue, Apr 24, 2012 at 11:09 PM
Subject: Is central teaching important?

Is central teaching important?
1. Example acts 2:46
2. Brings zeal to group
3. Teaching quality is better
4. Avoids autonomy
5. Avoids discouragement
6. Institutional church!
7. Outreach suffers

How are we doing?
We have seen many salvations in 2012
We are down 20 people at ct.
More than half of our students go to church once a week?
54% of Brooklyn attends c.t.
What's the cost?
One of the biggest factors is leadership involvement!
Objection # 1 "I don't know what to do at ct, when I'm there."
- if you are driving students, then you can talk to those students
- you have 20 students you can talk to and catch up with
- the same thing you do at college ct
- organize something to do after the teaching
- if there is a new student there and they dont have anyone to talk to then
you can
- evangelism
- are you coming to this meeting prepared and have you spent time praying!
Objection #2
"building x is too far away, and gas is too expensive"
- carpooling
- remember what we have signed up for!
- we waste our money on other things
Objection # 3
 "I'm too busy, and this is my only free night of the week."
- ct rotation
- its really exciting spending time with the students, and we should be
viewing them as our friends.
- we Need the extra relational time!
- its fun meeting
- its only part of the night
- come to at least some of it
How do we motivate CT?
- just remind them!
- model to them that you view it as importance
- give them a ride
- get the students excited
- give scripture on why it's important
- have student leaders motivate other students to come out
- share salvation stories
1. Consider incoming freshman
2. Begin with your disciples
3. Be patient / long term process. Took Bronx 2 years
4. leader. Rotation
5. Work on prayer meeting
6. Bring Pizza or snacks
7. Send workers late
8. Expect lag
9. Set goals
Brainstorming: what are some events or activities that would be good for
north ct to put on?
- ct wide prayer meeting
- abuse the leaders
- Bon fires outcome
- ice cream social
- dodge ball
- chili cook off
- stump the leaders
- around the world food thing
- thrift store prom
- minute to win it

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