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Including File List, etc. in Navigation, Table of Contents?

Including File List, etc. in Navigation, Table of Contents?

Constantine Zakkaroff
2014-07-01 @ 01:22
Hello ALL,

I'm prototyping with Breathe, Doxygen and Sphinx in preparation for
documenting and extending an open-source project. But I can't find enough
examples and documentation to get me started properly.

What I don't get is hot to include in the Table Of Contents in the
left-hand-side navigation area an entry pointing to a list of all files,
like it exists in Doxygen? Say in Doxygen html output I can see the
file/directory structure for the whole project I'm prototyping with, but
how do you achieve the same thing with Sphinx and Breathe?

I use Breathe 2.0.0 and I have been looking at the documentation, but it
seems pretty minimalist on complete examples. It would be great to have
access to one or two complete examples involving some basic C/C++ source
code and documentation which ties Sphinx, Breathe and Doxygen together. And
with no experience in Sphinx things are even less clear for me.

When I get my complete prototype working I would love to share it in a
suitable way for the benefit of other people new to Breathe with Sphinx.