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Boing's mailing list

Boing's mailing list

Paolo Olivo
2012-09-11 @ 09:38
Hi all,

This is Boing's mailing list.

Boing is a Python 3 toolkit designed to support the development of 
multi-touch and gesture enabled applications.

Boing enables to create pipelines for connecting different input sources 
to multiple target destinations (e.g. applications, logs, etc.) and 
eventually process the data before being dispatched. Boing provides a 
set of functional nodes that enable to:

  * read and decode input sources (e.g. TUIO, OSC, JSON);
  * encode and forward data to target outputs (e.g. TUIO, OSC, JSON);
  * record and replay the data flow;
  * process gesture data (calibration, smoothing filtering, debugging,
  * debug and get statistics of the data flow.

Find more details here:

Talk to you soon,