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About media directory's mounting problem

About media directory's mounting problem

Tang Daogang
2011-11-17 @ 03:53
Hi, all,

Gu Feng had found that in MAC, mount -B does't work, this leaded that
mongrel2 can't find the static files such as CSS, JS.

And after test, we find that if start mongrel2 in normal user (none root),
the operation 'chroot ./' will failed. At this case, if we make a soft
link  monserver/sites/your_project  to workspace/your_project, this worked

But, if use root to run mongrel2 web server, chroot can work well, so if
run as root, must do 'mount -B', so, how to do?

If soft link can do, it is best, we all like it. But if it can't work, we
have to use mount -B.

Nothing is impossible.