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To fork or not to fork...

To fork or not to fork...

Thomas Waldmann
2015-05-09 @ 21:54
... that's the final question in issue 217.

Re: [attic] To fork or not to fork...

Randy Syring
2015-05-10 @ 18:28
It would be great if Jonas could chime in here and tell us what he is
thinking.  If he just wants a personal project, per #217, it seems like a
shame to fork.  Rather, I'd hope he sees the momentum growing and opens it
up to someone else (Thomas) to run with and make into a community project.
He would be free to continue to develop it as a hobby on the side and
wouldn't have to feel any pressure as other people want to join-in the
attic fun.

At the same time, it's Jonas' baby, and he shouldn't have to give it up if
he doesn't want to.  In that case, the potential for Attic to grow is
moving beyond a one-man show, especially one who has already mentioned that
he considers this a personal project and one that he isn't going to have a
lot of time to devote to.  And I want to stress that I don't think it
should be a problem for Jonas to want to keep it small and personal.  But,
if that's his decision, and a community is developing that has other needs,
and has people who can move the development along, then by all means fork.
That shouldn't be viewed as an aggressive or insulting move, it just
signals that there are differing needs in the community.

At the same time, I'd like to hear from Thomas what his likely long-term
involvement would be in a fork.  And if there is anyone else in the shadows
who really thinks they have the time and talent to contribute to Borg.  I
saw something similar with Redmine and ChiliProject.  At the time, it
seemed like a fork of Redmine to make it more community oriented was a good
idea.  But, fast forward to present, and we see ChiliProject's maintainers
didn't have the long-haul commitment that the Redmine founder did.
ChiliProject is now dead and they recommend everyone move over to Redmine,
which seems to be going strong.

IMO, the real disadvantage of a fork is that even if Thomas succeeds with a
fork, many people will wait to see if Borg has long-term staying power
before jumping on board, especially if the repos are not compatible with

I'd really like to see Jonas step up here and make a decision:  A) Share
the reigns for Attic or B) admit the community needs seem to be growing in
a different direction than what he wants to commit to and [implicitly]
bless a fork. (Is there an option C)?

A is preferable IMO but B should also be seen as a reasonable solution.

Just my $.02.  Thanks Thomas for taking the initiative to start this

*Randy Syring*
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On Sat, May 9, 2015 at 5:54 PM, Thomas Waldmann <
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> ... that's the final question in issue 217.