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[ANNOUNCE] Attic 0.15 Released

[ANNOUNCE] Attic 0.15 Released

Jonas Borgström
2015-04-15 @ 20:55
Hello list,

I'm very happy to announce the Attic 0.15 release. This release includes a
number of bug fixes, performance improvements and compatibility 
improvements since the last release:

- xattr: Be less strict about unknown/unsupported platforms (#239)
- Reduce repository listing memory usage (#163).
- Fix BrokenPipeError for remote repositories (#233)
- Fix incorrect behavior with two character directory names (#265, #268)
- Require approval before accessing relocated/moved repository (#271)
- Require approval before accessing previously unknown unencrypted 
repositories (#271)
- Fix issue with hash index files larger than 2GB.
- Fix Python 3.2 compatibility issue with noatime open() (#164)
- Include missing pyx files in dist files (#168)

/ Jonas

Re: [attic] [ANNOUNCE] Attic 0.15 Released

Dan Christensen
2015-05-06 @ 01:41
Jonas Borgström <> writes:

> I'm very happy to announce the Attic 0.15 release.

Thanks for this, and for continuing to provide the cx-freeze standalone