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Some news, github organization creation

Some news, github organization creation

Thomas Waldmann
2015-03-06 @ 16:30

I just subscribed to the ML, so "hello" to all of you out there.

I am rather new to attic, but for what I've seen yet, it really is great
software (and believe me, it doesn't take much bad python code to unimpress
me, I am doing Python since rather long and I really like clean and
well-made code).

I found attic useful and inspiring, so I started contributing some days ago
(see github).

There's some workflow problem on github currently though:

Issues that could be closed by corresponding pull requests pile up, because
Jonas is busy with his family (Hi Jonas and congrats!). Also some stuff is
blocked because is depends on the merge of other stuff.

It's only a workflow problem though, there are quite some people who could
help and thus we are working on improving the situation there: (which might lead to an "attic"
github organization to make contributing and load balancing among
developers easier).

To everybody: If you also can help, please comment on the github issue.
Review of issues, pull requests, testing, documentation is the usual stuff
to do.

To Jonas:

We didn't get feedback from you about this yet (well, obviously due to same
reasons as mentioned aboved), so I hope you are ok with this move, which is
with best intentions. Of course you would be one administrator of this
organization and of course we would try to do our best to improve attic

If you could give feedback on issues or pull requests, that would help a
lot with merging (or not merging) - esp. if you see some problem with
anything that was not found before by other reviewers or if you can help us
with some insights.

Also, if you like, you could transfer the main repo and esp. the issue
tracker / pull requests to the new org after it was created.