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attic mailing list subscription

attic mailing list subscription

Paolo Dina
2015-03-25 @ 23:26
Dear Attic master, manager and God ;), I'd really really appreciate to
be accepted to be part of you crew.

For this reason, please help me to be subscribed to the attic mailing
list; I already tried to subscribe once without success (no answer
from you about that, no mails).

Please let me know if you need anything else from me to be subscribed.

Thanks for your work.
Paolo Dina

Festeggia il piacere di ogni conquista e impara da ogni sconfitta.
Learning is an experience, everything else is just information. (A. Einstein)

Re: [attic] attic mailing list subscription

Thomas Waldmann
2015-03-28 @ 07:57
Hi Paolo,

it worked, no gods involved. ;)

Cheers, Thomas