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[ANNOUNCE] Attic 0.13 Released

[ANNOUNCE] Attic 0.13 Released

Jonas Borgström
2014-06-29 @ 13:11
Hello list,

I'm very happy to announce the Attic 0.13 release. This release contains
the following changes:

- Fix sporadic "Resource temporarily unavailable" when using remote
- Reduce file cache memory usage (#90)
- Faster AES encryption (utilizing AES-NI when available)
- Experimental Linux, OS X and FreeBSD ACL support (#66)
- Added support for backup and restore of BSDFlags (OSX, FreeBSD) (#56)
- Fix bug where xattrs on symlinks were not correctly restored
- Added cachedir support. CACHEDIR.TAG compatible cache directories
  can now be excluded using ``--exclude-caches`` (#74)
- Fix crash on extreme mtime timestamps (year 2400+) (#81)
- Fix Python 3.2 specific lockf issue (EDEADLK)

/ Jonas