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[ANNOUNCE] Attic 0.12 Released

[ANNOUNCE] Attic 0.12 Released

Jonas Borgström
2014-04-07 @ 18:15
Hello list,

I'm very happy to announce the Attic 0.12 release. This release contains
the following changes:

- Python 3.4 support (#62)
- More robust OpenSSL linking
- Various documentation improvements and a new style
- "attic mount" now supports mounting an entire repository not only
  individual archives (#59)
- Added option to restrict remote repository access to specific path(s):
  "attic serve --restrict-to-path X" (#51)
- Include "all archives" size information in "--stats" output. (#54)
- Added "--stats" option to "attic delete" and "attic prune"
- Fixed bug where "attic prune" used UTC instead of the local time zone
  when determining which archives to keep.
- Switch to SI units (Power of 1000 instead 1024) when printing file

/ Jonas