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[ANNOUNCE] Attic 0.11 Released

[ANNOUNCE] Attic 0.11 Released

Jonas Borgström
2014-03-07 @ 14:29
Hello list,

I'm very happy to announce the Attic 0.11 release. This release contains
the following changes:

- New "check" command for repository consistency checking (#24)
- Documentation improvements
- Fix exception during "attic create" with repeated files (#39)
- New "--exclude-from" option for attic create/extract/verify.
- Improved archive metadata deduplication.
- "attic verify" has been deprecated. Use "attic extract --dry-run" instead.
- "attic prune --hourly|daily|..." has been deprecated.
  Use "attic prune --keep-hourly|daily|..." instead.
- Ignore xattr errors during "extract" if not supported by the
filesystem. (#46)

/ Jonas