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Mac OS X backup test results

Mac OS X backup test results

Lee Joramo
2014-03-19 @ 19:32
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Re: [attic] Mac OS X backup test results

Jonas Borgström
2014-03-19 @ 20:13
On 2014-03-19 20:32, Lee Joramo wrote:
> I tested Attic on Mac OS X with the Backup Bouncer to see how well Attic
> does at preserving Mac flavored meta-data.
> Is anyone aware of a tool similar to Backup Bouncer for Linux? 
> Attic looks very promising, and I could see it replacing rdiff-backup on
> Linux and Mac’s for me. 
> The test shows that Attic is overall pretty good considering it is not a
> Mac specific tool. Of the problem areas, I would say that creation date
> is the most impor tant, although I don’t think most unix systems
> preserve this. It is good to see that xattrs and resource forks are
> covered, not sure what is being lost in the “lots of metadata”
> and “bsd-flags” sections. 
> ACL’s and symlinks are important in a full system backup, but don’t
> think they are critical for the sorts of uses I would envision for
> Attic. And "Finder Locks" are I think are a vestige of the distant past.
> (I recently had a long battle with trying to delete a file, only to
> discover I had locked it in the back in 1998.)

Thanks, this is really interesting. I think at least some of these
should be easy to fix. I've created a ticket to track this:

/ Jonas