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Times increase linearly with backups done

Times increase linearly with backups done

Andreas Schamanek
2014-12-27 @ 19:42
Hi fellow attics,

Since 3-4 weeks, I am using attic (0.13 & 0.14) to back up 2 Debian 
Wheezy servers, each twice a day, to a backup server within the LAN 
running attic 0.13. When my setup stabilized backups were pleasantly 
fast and took 200s for 45G spread over 120k files. 14 days later (so 
after further 2*2*14 = 56 archives) attic backups take about 330s. It 
takes 4 minutes just to analyze old archives, which happens over and 
over again.

Statistics show that the times needed to finish the backups increase
linearly with the number of backups ("archives") already created 
(while number of files and backup volume are relatively constant).

That's a bummer because my plan was to use attic on many machines. But 
backup times would quickly increase to unbearable levels.

Am I doing something wrong or does the code for "Initializing 
cache..." and "Analyzing archive" need to be optimized?

-- Andreas