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Attic vs. Obnam

Attic vs. Obnam

Paul Tötterman
2013-08-13 @ 06:55

How does Attic compare to Obnam <> ?


Re: [attic] Attic vs. Obnam

Jonas Borgström
2013-08-13 @ 13:17
On 08/13/2013 08:55 AM, Paul Tötterman wrote:
> Hi,
> How does Attic compare to Obnam <> ?

Hi Paul,

Good question, I've actually never heard of Obnam before. Judging by the
homepage both programs have fairly similar set of core features:
snapshot backups, deduplication and optional encryption. But the actual
implementation seems to differ quite a bit.

Here are some initial (and probably not impartial) observations after
playing with Obnam for a few minutes.

Ease of installation
Obnam seems to be difficult to install (unless you're using Debian).
Obnam itself as well as the 4+ external dependencies are not
installable using "pip install" but have to be downloaded manually from
the author's homepage. Attic on the other hand is installable using "pip
install Attic"

Obnam uses fixed size chunks which are less efficient than the variable
chunk size used by Attic. So Obnam will require more disk space.

Speed and efficiency
Obnam seems to be fairly slow. Backup of a 2.9GB (137k files) home
directory to a local Obnam repository (compression enabled, no
encryption) took 26 minutes and consumed 1.1GB disk space. Using Attic
the same backup took 4 minutes and 20 seconds and consumed 831MB.

Complexity / code size
Obnam has a lot more options and features and a much larger code base.
Attic is just 4k+ lines of Python (and a few lines of C for speed).

Obnam seems to be a mature piece of software with a large user base.
Attic was publicly released not too long ago but I've used it myself for

/ Jonas