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Librelist is a free as in freedom mailing list site for open source projects. It is a place for FOSS communities to discuss all the things they want without ads, censorship, signup requirements, bundled apps, or requirements that you use any particular email client or service.

Anyone Can Make A List

You can make a mailing list by simply sending an email to, and if it doesn’t exist, it will make it for you and subscribe you. That’s all there is to it, and no restrictions on making the lists.

Anyone Can Subscribe To A List

You also subscribe to a list by simply sending your first message to That’s it. It ditches your original message and sends you a confirmation you reply to. No signup or web forms involved.

Spam And Bounce Blocking

Spam is heavily blocked on all lists to keep things clean. We will also periodically ban anonymous email services if they become a vector for abuse.

Bounced emails are caught and anyone who bounces has all of their subscriptions paused until they can fix the problem and reinstate themselves.

Archives via Rsync

All archives are accessible efficiently via rsync as maildir directories. This means you can host your mailing list archives on your project’s site rather than directing users to Librelist. Librelist also provides simple archive browsing for smaller projects that can’t host themselves.

You can read about it more in the help with more information being planned.


Just email and I'll try to help. Please indicate all of the email addresses you use on librelist so I can hunt you down quicker.